Verve Announces a New Partnership with Atrius™ to Bring Movement Science™ to IoT Networks

Verve is proud to announce our new partnership, launched today at the first global ShopTalk conference in Las Vegas, with Atrius™, the IoT division of Acuity Brands. As an early adopter of beacon technology, Verve is excited to bring the power of Movement Science™ to the Atrius IoT Partner Ecosystem and to further enrich Verve’s capabilities to measure and analyze in-store consumer movement patterns.

“Location technology, leveraged for in-store and out-of-store insights, enables a retailer to illuminate the blind spots between their customers’ offline and online activity” said Brian Dunphy, General Manager of Verve’s Device & IoT business. “Behavioral location is extremely valuable for retailers. It helps them measure the effectiveness of digital advertising initiatives, re-engage customers based on visit patterns, understand in-store metrics such as visit duration, path taken, and frequency in-between visits as well as understanding what other stores or competitors their customers visit. And, of course, it helps them to better serve those customers with more personalized and contextually relevant experiences. Verve recognizes that beacons must be embedded in powered devices ― such as lighting networks ― in order for the technology and in-store location signals to scale and we’re incredibly excited to join forces to bring this to fruition”.

Read the official release on the Atrius website.

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