Case Study:
Global Discount Supermarket Chain

Three targeting tactics were identified through a combination of audience targeting, app targeting, and geo-conquesting.


In 2016, a leading global discount supermarket chain re-launched its own branded line of baby products, including diapers, wipes, wash, formula, food pouches, and snacks. The mobile campaigns served to build awareness among moms in twenty key markets around the country.


Verve™ leveraged patented location intelligence to combine location data, such as the type of stores shoppers visit, with other behavioral and demographic data in order to identify consumers that aligned with the brand’s need to reach price-sensitive shoppers and new and expecting moms. Consequently, three targeting tactics were identified through a combination of audience targeting, app targeting, and geo-conquesting.

The first tactic – reaching value-conscious moms – was achieved through identifying the appropriate consumers using a combination of pre-built premium Verve audiences. The second tactic consisted of reaching moms who had downloaded baby-related apps, which indicated their expressed interest in the content, and therefore the relevance of displaying ads featuring baby products. The third tactic focused on conquesting consumers seen around retailers that were selling baby products.

Verve also developed an engaging animated banner and expandable banner with a swipeable gallery to feature the new products. Consumers were re-directed to the retailer’s website to learn more about the products when they tapped on various panels.


  • Nearly 14% Store-Visit Lift
  • Over 10,000 Store Visits
  • About $5.50 Cost Per Store Visit
  • Greater Than 5.0% Secondary CTR
  • Greater Than 20 Seconds Average Time Spent in Ad

Overall, the campaign was successful in building awareness among moms, as indicated by the high engagement rates and increase in store visits. Every targeting tactic yielded positive lift in not only engagement metrics but also an incremental lift in visitation to the retailers’ stores. Specifically, effectively capturing the mom demographic was key to the success of this campaign; both targeting tactics directed at this key demographic were successful in driving a statistically significant increase in visitation to stores. From an engagement perspective, all three segments yielded similar secondary click-through rates, while app targeting demonstrated the highest time spent in ad.

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