The SDK Equation

Questions for restarting the conversation on publisher integration.

When it comes to SDK integration and publishers, mobile marketing all too often encounters one point-of-view: just serve us the ad. Publishers say they’ve listened to the pitches, they’ve integrated a software development kit and then either the CPMs weren’t what marketing said they would be, or the fill was not what they were told it would be, or maybe the technology slowed down their app and the user-experience suffered.

The consequences add up. Call it SDK fatigue.

Among Android devices, for example, per a recent SafeDK study, 80% of app publishers build advertising SDKs into their products but many of them end up not using the SDK once it’s installed. According to the same report, location SDKs — central to the tools that acquire basic information about mobile-device coordinates — aren’t seeing anywhere near the popularity as other types. Only 31% of the surveyed publishers have added them to their apps.

And so, given that the state of affairs is challenging, how can mobile marketing restart the conversation around SDK integration with publishers, industrywide? [Article continues on]

Raj Nijjar is Vice President of Engineering at Verve.

Andrew Slater is Vice President of Publisher Services at Verve, overseeing the direct premium publisher-facing business.

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