Activate Yext POI Data with Verve

Activate Yext POI Data with Verve

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  • Mobile Marketing Enriched by data from Yext

    Verves integration with Yext enables brands to leverage their own first-party POI data to power mobile marketing campaigns that engage and drive consumer action.


How it Works

Verve is an expert in Movement Science™. We use patented technology to map foot traffic and longitudinal movement insights, relating location to places and purpose, for audience development and campaign measurement. We take your most up-to-date and accurate place data from Yext to enrich mobile marketing campaigns so you can more effectively increase brand awareness and drive your customers to site and store.

  • Yext Knowledge Manager

    The Yext Knowledge Manager is the single source of truth for the public facts about your business.

  • Yext App Directory

    Connect the power of your digital knowledge to the Verve Velocity platform with the Yext App Directory.

  • Verve Velocity

    Verve delivers contextually relevant ads to 260M devices and the people and households connected to them.


Location data can be activated in a variety of ways once connected to Verve.

  • Build Audiences

    Identify visitors to your location to create geo-behavioral targeting and retargeting segments.

  • Connect with Relevance

    Define where you attract your customers, then serve ads in those areas.

  • Extend Reach

    Leverage proprietary Verve audiences to reach consumers based on interest, intent, life stage, and demo.

  • Inform Creative

    Build custom ads that dynamically display nearest location(s) with estimated distance and directions.

  • Measure Store Visits

    Determine ROI and incremental impact of mobile campaigns by understanding whether customers who saw the ad went to your locations.


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