Holiday Countdown: 5 Powerful Mobile Marketing Activations that Drive Sales

Put these five mobile activations in your holiday marketing mix.

In a year of challenging retail news, this holiday season there are finally some promising predictions for retail brands. A surge of consumer dollars is flowing to online and brick-and-mortar checkout lines.

Recent numbers from Bain & Company help tell the story: 4% growth in US holiday retail spend in 2017, up from last year and almost double the 10-year average. In-store sales will represent some 80% of those sales, the report says. And here’s even more in the way of good tidings: retail absolutely still has time to tap into consumers’ gift-giving energy.

With the right approaches and strategies, stores can connect with consumers throughout December, even as the clock ticks down to everyone’s end-of-year celebrations. So, hitch your sleigh to the following five activations — put these in your marketing mix and get ready to toast your company’s end-of-year sales with a cup of retail cheer.

  1. React to strong purchase signals. Accurate first-party location data allow retail to discover consumers who’ve visited stores, plus those who’ve interacted with the company’s online content. Put this intelligence to powerful use by re-targeting these audiences on their mobile devices. Prompt them with last-minute gift ideas, gift-card offers, and also highlight your store’s key item programs — especially if you’ve stocked down-to-the-wire inventory of the toys and gadgets that everyone’s scrambling to find.

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Julie Bernard is Chief Marketing Officer, Verve.

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