Case Study:


Verve™ is proud to partner with the Ad Council® to assist Goodwill® with its goal of encouraging donations and raising awareness around how the revenue from the sale of donations helps fund programs – especially those for the education, training, and supporting services related to returning individuals to the workforce – in local communities.

The Ad Council, the largest producer of public-service advertising, identifies significant public issues and stimulates action on those issues through communications programs that make a measurable difference in our society. Goodwill works to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.


In order to deliver Goodwill’s powerful message to the right audience, Verve developed four custom audiences: charitable moms, female millennials, spring cleaners as identified by social listening chatter, and geo-fenced Goodwill locations.

Understanding that engagement is key to building awareness, Verve designed a creative experience around Goodwill’s message of “Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.” A playful banner message around cleaning up one’s bedroom floor and making donations expanded to a rich-media game where consumers could tap on clothing and household items as they fell from the ceiling so they wouldn’t clutter the floor. Tapped items made it to the donate pile. At the end of the game, consumers answered questions to learn more about Goodwill and earn another try at the game and advance to the next level. After three rounds, consumers were encouraged to donate to Goodwill by immediately finding the nearest location or downloading the Goodwill Locator App to find a donation center in the future. They could also play again.



While all targeting tactics exceeded the industry benchmark of 0.35%, the charitable moms segment demonstrated the highest CTR, confirming the ad reached and engaged the right consumers.


After reading instructions on how to play the game, consumers were 192% more likely to play than to skip the game, especially those active on social media. Of the three options provided to consumers at the end of the game – Find Location, Download App, Play Again – consumers were most likely to select Play Again, suggesting the right creative experience was selected to engage consumers.


By offering a meaningful and memorable experience on the consumer’s device, the ad succeeded in driving awareness of the impact Goodwill makes in local communities to inspire donations.


With a post-click map-engagement rate of 3.2% – nearly three times the Verve benchmark – the large number of consumers tapping on Find Location after completing the game reveals their charitable nature and intent to donate. The store-visit lift rate was highest among audiences that were more affluent, which is representative of the segment most likely to make donations.

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