The Cookie is (Still) Dead: Device IDs and the Future of Mobile Marketing

We are at the dawn of the era of the device ID.

It’s not a new story. Technology experts have been saying it for years: the cookie is dead.

The cookie is dead because mobile is the user’s primary experience, and cookies pose all kinds of obstacles when it comes to tracking marketing campaigns in the mobile space — if they even work at all at that task. The marketing ecosystem has evolved, and cookies represent the past. There’s even a new concept out there: the unreachables — mobile-only users — who hardly ever touch a desktop, hardly ever interact with traditional media. No cookies for them.

We are at the dawn of the era of the device ID.

Except, interestingly enough, our industry is still talking about whether or not the cookie is really dead. There are reasons that the conversation continues, of course, but there are also strong reasons to shift our focus in better directions — and, for the health of any given advertising partner, to do so quickly. Let’s look at the case of lingering cookies and at the case for moving beyond them for stronger outcomes overall.


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Brian Crook is Verve’s chief technology officer.


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