Case Study:
Mid-size Sedan

While consumers on mobile were more likely to visit the landing page, consumers on tablets were more likely to view the video.


An American auto manufacturer wanted to build awareness around its 2016 mid-size sedan model through an omni-channel campaign to combat declining sales in the mid-size car category and steal competitive share. Because the brand’s intenders shopped competitors but competitive intenders did not shop the brand, it was critical to capture consumers while they were out and about to drive in-the-moment consideration for the brand. Mobile became a key battleground due to the brand’s understanding of their target audience, one that relies heavily on their mobile devices as the predominant source of updates and news.


In order to narrow in on the consumers most likely to purchase the brand’s mid-size sedan, Verve developed a custom audience segment of mid-size sedan intenders by leveraging a combination of rich location and audience data points. Additionally, to steal competitive share and drive consideration while consumers were shopping for cars, ads were delivered when consumers were in and around competitors’ lots. The brand had a national and regional presence, having selected several key markets in which to re-target consumers who visited competitors’ dealerships. This plan spoke to two purposes – the ability to focus on the best prospects while delivering scale with local relevance.

The mobile creative leveraged the brand’s national TV and social campaigns by utilizing the same video in an expandable unit. Consumers had the opportunity to tap to view the 15-second video or they could tap to the brand’s website to learn more about the sedan.



The CTR was highest among the national auto intenders and geo-conquest segments, indicating equal success in the multi-pronged approach to audience targeting.


With a post-secondary click-to-landing page rate more than 3 times benchmark, consumers indicated their high interest in learning more about the new sedan. While consumers on mobile were more likely to visit the landing page, consumers on tablets were more likely to view the video.


Overall, consumers spent 50% more time than the length of the video in the ad. More than 50% of viewers finished watching the video in its entirety. National auto intenders, especially, spent more time in the ad and watching the video than any other segment.

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