Ari Brandt

EVP, Strategic Development

As Executive Vice President of Strategic Development, Ari Brandt leads corporate partnerships at Verve and as well as supply strategies that propel the leading mobile marketing company to meet the rising demand for programmatic and managed-service mobile solutions.

Brandt co-founded Receptiv, an in-app mobile video platform serving Ad Age’s top brands and the world’s most trusted publishers, where he served as the company’s CEO. Receptiv was founded in 2011 with a focus on premium in-app gaming experiences and award-winning mobile in-app ad experiences. Following years of exponential growth, Verve acquired Receptiv in June 2018.

Prior to co-founding Receptiv, Ari helped lead the advertising technology industry as CEO of Linkstorm and via key senior roles at Conde Nast Business Media Group, Yahoo!, and DoubleClick.