Movement Science: A Playbook for the Connected Future

Movement Science: A Playbook for the Connected Future

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    Where people go tells you a lot about who they are. The many data signals generated by mobile devices enable observant marketers to understand the people using them — where they go, what they want, and what they will respond to best. It’s something Verve calls Movement Science™ and we use it to create the best mobile marketing experiences possible.

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Make Mobile Magic

The Verve Velocity™ platform is comprised of four key elements — location intelligence, custom audiences, beautiful creative, and robust analytics and insights — all of which can be accessed directly via managed or self-service as well as programmatically via private marketplaces. Verve Beacons add an additional layer of measurement and engagement, enabling brands to connect the digital and the physical worlds and create branded messaging and experiences.

  • Identify deep insights about real people with accuracy and precision using patented location intelligence.

  • Find your audience with 75+ location-informed custom segments developed from Verve Kinetic.

  • Engage consumers with custom mobile experiences designed by the Verve in-house creative studio.

  • Inform your mobile strategies and measure and optimize campaigns with insights and analytics.

  • Power consumer-centric mobile campaigns with the industry’s original end-to-end mobile marketing platform.

  • Access Verve premium inventory and targeting options through all major DSPs.

Inspired Experiences, Real Results

Companies we work with include:

“The memorable campaign reached our target audience and exceeded our expectations”

—Kim Zimmer, CMO, Goodwill

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