Empower your SMB clients to reach their local consumers.

The Verve Velocity™ platform, a self-service technology solution, enables Enterprise partners to empower their small business clients to reach and engage with local consumers. Your advertising sales teams now have the power to sell compelling mobile marketing packages to complete your SMB marketing solutions portfolio. Verve Velocity removes the complexity of location-powered mobile advertising and provides real-time precise data and sophisticated analytics to help marketing partners who service small and medium sized businesses.


Empower your clients to reach potential customers using first-of-a-kind location-based mobile technology. Verve Velocity matches billions of high quality location data points with demographic, workplace, interest and other data sets to create understanding of where consumers are and what they need so businesses can connect with them at scale.


Easily build mobile-first ad formats tailored to your clients’ unique campaign objectives. Verve Foundry is full of designers and developers who continually innovate to create ad units that make the most of location data, context, and interactivity. Deliver meaningful, memorable, and magical moments that drive results for your clients.

Meet Verve Foundry™


Track and measure the success of your clients’ mobile advertising campaigns using our patented intelligence and insight capabilities. Verve’s campaign performance solution provides valuable insights into consumer engagement, conversion metrics, secondary actions, visit behavior, and incremental visits. Easy-to-use dashboards enable timely measurement outputs to inform future campaign strategies for optimal marketing performance.

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